Little Lady [Song]


If you think you know it all
Then you haven’t learned a thing
If you’re too afraid to try
What’s the point of havin’ dreams?

Just look towards the sky
There you’ll find your best friend
Then listen to your heart
You know He speaks from within 


Little lady
I know it’s so hard when you’re growing
You’ll never stop learning and loving
A flower who’s always in bloom 

I never thought you’d grow up so soon
So proud of who you have grown into
Lady, you’re dancing to your own tune

Work towards tomorrow
Don’t miss out on today
And go for your dreams
What time is there to wait?

But make sure to notice
All the gifts that He brings
He gave you the goal
And He’ll help you achieve 

Repeat Chorus

Choose your friends wisely
But love all the same
You never know what they’re hiding
Your smile could save the day

Remember you’re beautiful
Just the way that you are
But when your soul really shines
Is when you do what you love 

Repeat Chorus

Author's Notes/Comments: 

February 18, 2011

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new_wave_franky's picture

I really like this, Jacqueline.

I really like this, Jacqueline. It is very well-written, and I found the wording throughout to be both refreshng and inspirational. I also like the spiritual nature of this, and the element of hope it comes to bring forth, as well. I'm looking forward to reading and commenting on more of your poetry in the near future. You seem to have a natural ability when it comes to conveying and expressing your feelings and emotions, and have posted some very impressive work. Thanks for sharing this one, as I truly enjoyed reading it. Take care.



March 10, 2011.