I'm proud to be an American, Where at least i know I'm free.....


Come on everybody, men and women

To see the coming attraction that you all appear in

It’s the new HD 3D virtual reality film

So put on your glasses and make the lights dim

The scene opens with a man and he’s kissing his wife

Says he’s off to the office and to have a good night

Then he jumps in his car and speeds down the street

Goes to a motel, drops his pants, and fucks his secretary

Ok here’s scene two there’s a child in middle school

He gets picked on by kids because they don’t think he’s cool

And now that his self esteem has slowly become corroded

He finds a gun in his dad’s drawer that happens to be loaded

All right here’s scene three, are you still with me?

This is where it gets scarier so have a hand to squeeze

We’re at war for some reason that cannot be explained

Or an oil hike is enough to have people killed and maimed

or we feel it's our place to go out and save

lets kill to stop killing as if that notion was sane 

The casualties are unexplainable and the money we don’t have

But we’re a super power and we’ll take all we can grab

Until more people hate us, and nukes will fly

Then goodbye world hello Fourth of July




Popcorn and soda all over the floor

We all get up, and move on

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robin's picture

the poem is very realistic

the poem is very realistic keep it up. i like realistic poems