My Angles

My Children

My two little angles

Miracles of life

You've given me so much

And yet you have no idea

Of what you have done

The love you have brought

The people you have changed

In such little time

Everyone loves you

More than you knowAnd as time has past by it has difinitely shown

You amaze us all

With all that you do

The smiles, hugs and kisses 

Makes everyone so glad

To have you two around 

seeing how much they care

Lights up my life

Takes away most of my worries

I know you guys have more love

Than any child needs

And for that I am greatful

I had never imagined  how it could be

when two turned to three

And when three changed to four

How our lives did change 

So different now

But not a thing I would change

I am so happy my life turned out this way

You both are my world

The best things in my life

You make life worth living 

each and every day


I lvoe you gregory and amelia.. my amazing children and am so blessed you two dont even know

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