Ballad of the moon

Her beauty radiates as she sits high above humanity, holding secrets untold, she watches everything absorbing every emotion, although she has never felt them, listening to every word not knowing what they represent,

 Thousands of years sitting with the stars, together watching us, the things she has seen with weary eyes,

she effulgently glows in the cobalt sky memorizing the evening mood, claming everything, warming every heart that feels cold, awakening every soul that has fallen asleep with sorrow, 

She is the thing that picks us up when we fall, she becomes the blossoming flower inside of every friend, she is love, she is hope, she is the only thing to truly light the way trough a dark night,

Shining perfectly caressing every forgotten soul mending every broken heart,

Her silver light soars across the tree tops, she is the lining on every cloud,

She will always be the hand that guides you trough the blackness blocking you from the light in your life,

She helps make the paths in life, but you have to be keen enough to follow it. When you find your self lonely, with a lack of friends near, just look to the skies she is there,

She’s over every ocean and every mountain top,

She’ll watch you no matter where you go, when you see her think about all the friends you’ve had and all the love everyone has ever had for you, she’s there with you warming you heart and we in your heart keeping it from going cold.

 She is the moon. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I made it for a freind the moved away, we both loved to write. not so much anymore...

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LadyRaine's picture

Outstanding, you are an

Outstanding, you are an amazing writer. I truly enjoyed everything
about this exquisite piece...

> Peace, LadyRaine