in such a
lovely, lovely dream
I stood
there in your room
watching you
as you slept
such sweet tranquil repose
that it was
until you so lovingly called
out my name
and I nearly wept
rushing to you
I soothed and
as best as I could
languishing together
there as we lay
in images of
tenderness untold
you clung to me
half bereft
so very certain you were
that I was but a dream
and as much as it hurt
to admit
I could not lie to you
such beseeching disbelief
held your eyes as mine
they scanned
as if to say please, please
my love just tell me
that you are real
and this will not end
for all its beauty warmth
and intent
I held you kissing your
confused yet hopeful brow
and apologized profusely
in such sweet sorrowful lament
I am but a dream
for now I crooned
but I won't always be
and I promise you
with everything that
makes me, me
that I will return fully
real in the flesh
and live out my
allotted years
alone with thee
so weep not my
tortured disbeliever
allow me to go now
as much as I hate to
while you are
deep in the safety
of your sleep
and wholly unaware
and this lovely dream
we two can cherish
so closely in our hearts
and reminisce of
when we are at the height of
our lives' eternal love affair......................
(Feb. 28, 2011 356pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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