Red, White And Blue

Unpublished pieces

The illusions are blood red or cloudy, 
depending on which fantasy you believe. 
Crumpled buildings lying like dead grass 
across the landscape of the military defeat. 
A lone baby in the middle of the rubble 
crying for its mother who is not alive. 
The hero takes his gun and blows away 
the annoying child. Victory is ours! 
A ragged flag is placed upon the ruins 
of the principal building in the town. 
Red, white and blue again has brought 
another town to its version of freedom. 
Back home the man in the house of white 
is sputtering his evil propaganda. 
Reporters gather in respectful awe 
to celebrate the victory over the dead. 
How proud the people are of their 
ongoing war against those who disagree. 
Imagine that there might be others 
who do not want crime ridden streets! 
They must not appreciate the freedom 
that the chosen people seem to enjoy! 
  They must not want the drugs and guns 
that seems to come from the land of the free! 
Don't they understand that freedom 
means everyone must be well armed! 
Armour guard your houses! 
Bullet proof your cars! 
Build a fortress to greed and larceny, 
for that is the will of the people. 
A general is looking at a map, 
planning the next step of liberation. 
He has his orders and he will 
never depart from the word given. 
He believes in the superior race 
from which his people have come. 
The newspapers report the carnage, 
the television shouts of the victories. 
One more blow for freedom, oh yes. 
One more parade for red, white and blue.

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I am from the red, white and

I am from the red, white and blue.  But I do not believe in war and destruction.
I believe it is best to say, Come let us reason together. There is so much
space in this world, why can't everyone live in peace.?