They drive each other back with the force
of their blows and I see anger in their face
because they need to prove themselves
to me. He, especially, looks over at me after every
move he does correctly and he wants me to
notice his strength, that he can fight,
but all I can think about is you and your eyes
and the way they light up when we talk and your
gentle, kind, and funny nature. How can I
love this violence, this boy who can't talk but just
has pent up anger, who wants me to see
him fight when I had you, my love who just
wanted to see me laugh, smile, be with him?
I can't stop thinking about you and I know
you have her but I want you back. Do you really
love her? Why do your eyes light up when we are
together? I want to hear your words, your voice, see
your face before my eyes, tangible, a face I can touch
and hold.
I love you. I love you. I  just want to spend more
time with you, all of my time with you at this point,
because try as I may, I can't get over the look in your eyes
and the smile you leave on my face, and I just can't put you
in the past. Come back to me. It's almost easy.

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