this fear

Unburried roots


living in fear

it's in my gut

sometimes it rises

to the center of my being


it frightens me

this fear

the darkness of its shadow

lurking behind the scenes


I feel it

following me

attempting to alter my coarse

at the first sign of weakness


I drudge ahead

feeling its weight on my back

it taps my shoulder 

and gives me a chill


oh fear

why do I give you so much power?

you don't deserve it

trying to overshadow my light


and yet, I give it to you

willingly ...

I give in so easily

wallowing in it


terrified by it ...


the darkness

the shadows

the wickedness

of my being


oh fear

come to get me

you know I will welcome you

as always ...



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Beware and be aware,
No matter where you go,
Fear is in the air.

...hard to escape.

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Wow! I forgot about this one.

Wow! I forgot about this one. Good to revisit as fear is indeed in the air...
(In fact, I just attended a retreat that was about facing them.) Thanks for directing me back to this older writing.

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