Hapless Hazard

I am yours, in a little while; in something like a mile.

Dedicated through, the bone and brittle bruise - belligerent.

Because I am like you, I'm always hurting too. I know

that we are things that are constantly collapsing.

I thought I came out fine, scathe-less and aligned,

but everybody says, "You're not the boy I always knew".

Despite it all I try. I try to clear my head; only to discover

that I can't maintain the steady, at my own behest.

And maybe when I'm ready, I'll listen to my friends

who all have said time and again that I was always there.

Until the fall, the summer calls, the spring is in my way.

And I'll be lonely, but kind of warm, as I address my faults.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I keep trying to experiment with how I write but it's not really yielding much worthwhile.

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