The Long Way Down

A rollercoaster ride of the worst kind is what I was on
So many restless nights laying there by the telephone
Hoping for it to just ring and hear the sound of your voice
But you were gone, and now I know it was your choice

Many tears were shed in my bed as I said prayers for you
Worried that you were not okay, I was really confused
Helpless, my brain was saying that I should just let it all go
But not wanting to face inevitable pain my heart kept hope

I knew we went too fast, though I was euphorically happy
Then you disappear in what seemed to be an instant and sadly
Confusion, fear, sadness, and loneliness began to set in
A million scenarios in my mind of what could have been

Then my heart was left shattered on the floor in a million pieces
Sitting there I was wishing only that my emotion ceases
Contemplating things that one should never begin to think
Pinching myself and praying "God, please let this be a dream"

But it wasn't, and there was no choice but to continue on
What doesn't kill you, they say will make you strong
Will I ever be the same, or have I irreversibly changed
For better or worse, either way my world seems strange

And I understand now that we can't even be friends
For what pain I caused you, I just wish I could rescind
And if I could rewind the clock, just do it all again
I would avoid and never click "Send"

But this is goodbye, so I just want you to keep your head up
In this life we all learn lessons, and things will get better
I will keep the lesson I learned from this time in my mind
You know where I am, if a spot for a friend you can find

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