For years I've stood by your side as a friend--

I gave you my comfort when you were abandon, 

my shoulder to cry on when everyone else turned

their backs on you...

We've wined and dined, laughed together, share 

moments unforgettable--

I've wore my heart on my sleeves for you, you read

and played with it--

You say it's unintentional, I feel it's conventional for 

you to have friends like me, but you say I'm the only


I realize now that I'm your life jacket when all else

fails, I'm a caring friend who dares to love even in 

the face of rejection, but my will to continue caring 

has died for you. Maybe it is your mentality, being a 

Mother doesn't make you mature--

Clearly I see you chasing your wants, it is what your

heart desires, so be it--

My heart desires your happiness, but with me, call

me SELFISH!! knowing your theatrical life, I know 

what you need--

But my time to say good-bye has arrived--

I would say good-bye in person, but I know you will

be reading this poem...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have to cut this cancer which is eating me alive....I must continue rambling...

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