Mobius Amphibious

Mobius Amphibious, a fish with bugging eyes

Freed of all aquatic depths to rise into the tide

Sultry scales of watered gray, that helped him to deny

That he was just an ugly thing that spawned from ugly kind

He found the shore and saw the feet, that walked on all five toes

Ignored by they who seemed complete, and basked above the flow

Like buildings made of bone and flesh, he wanted them to know

That he was happy to be seen despite his gaze so low

A wriggled fit would bring him close to the warmer churning current

Brushed against the soft caress of the walking beast deterrent

But it panicked, tumbled, splashed; and ran away to land

And rocks did rain upon our friend, who did not understand

Mobius concerned himself, and fled to quiet reef

He swam so well and was so sleek, despite his small physique

What did they not see in him that he had meant to seek?

Would they not accept him if he stood below their reach?

Their garbled voice did sound to him before he settled still

Fretting of his touch and stench and questioning his will

But he was good and only wished to puddle at their soles

Loving them as friends without a language to control

Maybe with their arms and legs he'd do without his fins

And love them and have love returned despite his clammy skin

And he would laugh and learn to change himself from deep within

From fish to humankind that lives above the sea again

Silly thoughts for silly fish, forever ocean-bound

A bugging eye transfixed upon the life on drier ground

Mobius will feel a fool for being born as is

Watching as the sun does set, forgetting how to swim.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a quote:

‎Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

- Albert Einstein

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