Color of Her Eyes


I saw her eyes.

Full of life. 

Full of green.

She pierced mine with a simple stare. 

And as my body gave out, 

I fell into love's soft grass.

As the wind took me in her arms,

I watched her eyes gracefully depart.



I saw her blue eyes.

Full of passion.

Full of lies.

She punctured my chest with two painful words.

And as my body ached,

I felt its painful remorse.

As the cold numbed my limbs,

I stared into nothingness as an empty vessel.



I saw her eyes.

Dark and brown,

True to her soul.

She avoided my eyes as I sought,

Answers so fragile my eyes had missed before.

Where is the color, when the heart can't find it?

Two words filled my mouth, 

Taking darkness from my eyes.



I opened my eyes.

To colors.

To life.

To truth.

To words, and lies.

To numbness, pain.

All the same,

My eyes feel the eagerness

To take this life again.

To see those bronze gems once more.


- Alejandro Bonfil

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