Unpublished pieces

Unknown, I moved amidst life,
In streams of fabric unravelled.
Desiring to soar into the sky,
To touch the happiness travelled.
It's gone past, this fleeting feeling,
Of depth gone sour inside the mind.
There are still visions to view
Of what is still left to find.
I must embrace what is unknown.
I must face the illusion dropped.
For inside the turmoil is false,
The legs buckle, the lie stopped.
Wayward thoughts to be controlled;
False starts to be rectified.
Nothing must stop the seeking heart,
Which seeks with lengthy sigh.
The path must be followed, walked.
The dream of life must be connived.
I am slave to no one, and yet,
I am concubine to what is contrived.
Don't force me to be a drone.
Let me not fall to self pity.
I am facing the rest of time,
Which I find is dark and gritty.
Unknown happiness must be mine,
For it is the road I travel.
The anticipation of joyful bliss
When the tension has been unravelled.


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