Ah, so tell me Sir Poet

do you still regret now

Or have those ugly duckling regrets of yours

grown some gorgeous frothy white feathers

upon you

and become glorious 'Swam Remembrances'

that paint the rough rocky exterior you've traveled through

the loveliest rose reviving hue

That being love's very own sweet time tempering shade.

The eternal elixir of divine grace's peace.

Hearts are indeed very lonely hunters

but the feast-mate that they bring home

is the catalyst for a new dawning of joy's very own sweet existence.

So Fear ever not Sir Poet

for darkness shall tread upon your once wounded heart no more.

For from now on, your days will be painlessly long

your amazing nights promisingly short.

So Tell me, would a poetess lie?

I darest to think not.........................

(May 26, 2010 139am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(originally written as a paragraphed critique of fellow post poems poet Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's poem 'Regrets' but as I happened upon it some months later it appeared to me as if almost poetic in and of itself so I sorted through the paragraph and found the hidden poem. Oh, and to tie up the ending a bit better to make it more poetic I added the last line I darest think not. oh and I dropped the now after swan remembrances as it seemed a tad too redundant.otherwise its almost verbatim)

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