Dirty friend

Death can't save me from the pain you cause,

Your apology won't bring back the things I lost.

So petty your words, It's okay, you said you were "sorry"

Damn that word, you still wouldn't do anything for me.

When you move your lips, all you speak is lies,

Especially to me, I hope you enjoy my fake smiles.

At least you tried, back when you left your clothes on.

Back when we were friends, until you left and were gone.

But you dropped the fabric to find more eyes,

You held my hand for so long, then you left me far behind.

You must have wanted to test me, wanted to watch me cry,

Why didn't you just say no? You just had to make me try.

You know I'll forgive you, I'm just that kind of guy.

I won't get upset with you, I already know why.

The good friends we used to be, was hardly a thing of luck,

But now I watch you go, you labeled yourself "slut"

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