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We interrupt this program for a special news bulletin. This is Mitch Wendell bringing you this breaking news story from somewhere in Iraq. Ms. Linda Lieaday, my collogue who works out of our affiliate WPIX in Los Angeles and on assignment in Iraq, has been kidnapped by insurgents. I repeat. Ms. Linda Lieaday of our affiliate WPIX in Los Angeles has been kidnapped by insurgents. From all reports, Ms. Lieaday was driving their orphanage bus back from the depot with food for the ninety plus children that she and the soldiers in the area adopted and has been taking care of for the last eight months, when her bus was stopped and she was dragged into a waiting van. There have been no demands or claims of responsibility at this time. The people of the village are angry and they along with the clerics in the area are pleading for Ms. Lieaday’s release.

The U.S. Military with some Special Forces operatives have sealed off the town and have initiated a village wide search. It is feared that the insurgents have fled the area with Ms. Lieaday in tow.

Please stay tuned to this station and we will break in as more news becomes available. We will now return you to your regularly scheduled program This is Mitch Wendell reporting.


Sergeant, this is Captain Costickson,

I just heard about it on the news,

Tell me what you have done.

Sir, It all happened so fast,

They snatched her and were gone,

Before we heard a blast.

A blast? What do you mean?

They took her and blew up the bus,

Those fiends.

Tell me what we know so far,

Do we have an idea where they are?

No sir, it doesn’t look that way,

The town folk and the clerics are all in a rage.

If they are still here,

It will out.

The folks here will tell us,

I have no doubt.

I have a major family crisis here,

Or I would be on the next plane there.

My wife is carrying my unborn son,

Their lives are in danger so I can’t be there for this one.

Keep me posted, promise me you will try,

Meanwhile, I will see if I can get some information from my friend I.

Thank you sir, you know we will do our best,

Ms Linda is tough and will pass this test.

We will get her back if we have to turn this country inside out.

We will get her back sir, have no doubt.

I know you will sergeant do what you can,

I will pray for you all to the man.

Keep a SAT phone with you, Linda had one,

I have that number I can call if news I have some.

I haven’t heard from the Army,

To hear what they will do with me.

Stateside tour would be nice,

But abandoning you guys wouldn’t be right.

Keep your head down and I will call soon,

If I have news I will try you tomorrow noon.

Catch you later



Sean, is something wrong?

No my love, the day has been long.

Are you sure you are Ok?

Let it go, Seina, please do as I say.

I am sorry hon, I know you have a lot on your mind,

Those meds I have been given are making me feel fine.

Do you think Vance will let me go home?

What did you say?

I wasn’t listening,

My mind is gone.

Sean, if it is bad news about me,

Don’t make me wait.

No, Seina, I am sorry,

It is just you have enough on your plate.

This has nothing to do with you,

But dealing with it is something I must do.

Sean, we are one and we should share,

What ever it is, I will help you bear.

Honey, It is Linda…She has been taken.

Her life is in grave danger if I am not mistaken.

Insurgents took her and destroyed our bus,

Now the whole town is in a fuss.

Seina, I should be there,

But I should also be here.

I don’t know what I should do.

I feel responsibility there but also to you.

Why can’t they just stop the insanity,

And let those poor children be?

Linda was more than a head mistress or journalist or other,

She had taken on being their mother.

It just isn’t right,

That is why we are there,

That is why we fight.

Sean come here and sit on the edge of the bed,

On my lap, lay your head.

It will be all right dear, you will see,

I have to believe they will set her free.

Seina, I can’t. Not right now,

I have to do something and I am not sure how.

I know Sean, how helpless you feel,

But let me share and together we can deal.

Seina, that is why I love you so,

With all you are dealing with,

You still have compassion to show.

Thank you for giving me that second chance and loving me

And being there in my time of need.

You are right, I feel helpless somehow,

And I just need time to think now.

I understand dear Sean.

Take all the time you need.

By your side is where I will be.

You have to but call and I will be there.

We are one, so this burden we will share.

Go take a walk down the hall,

You will work it out before your next call.

Thanks, I will be back in a bit,

Just take some time to work through it.

You go on, I will watch the news.

If anything breaks, I will find you.

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