What am I to You?

What am I to you?

Am I just someone you can turn to

When there's no more place to run?

Am I here to just be "your girl"

Or am I some prize

Or something you can keep in your pocket?

What am I to you?

Am I really that "important?"

Or are you just saying that?

Am I just here to listen to you

To wait till you feel like remembering me

To just hide all my emotions?

What am I to you?

Someone who just says "yes honey, it's alright"

Bottling up all my thoughts to myself?

Why did you want to be with me?

So you could be "in"

So you could be "cool coz you have a girl?"

If I cry...

Why do you listen?

And once those tears dry... you forget...

When I'm in pain

Do I get comfort?

Or is it my job to do that?

When I'm sad...

Shall I hide it?

And get stuck with poetry?

What am I to you?

Some toy for you entertainment?

Some item you possess?

Am I just the girl

Who sees you in sorrow

When will I be #1 on your list?

Am I just the "alternative thing to do"

Whenever you get tired

Of playing video games and skateboarding?

What am I to you?

Someone screaming for your attention?

Someone begging for you to be with me?

Am I just an "obligation"

That you need to do

Even if you don't mean it?

What am I to you?

Am I a rock

Whose supposed to be so hard and cold to complain?

I wish I was your skateboard

So you could take me

Wherever you go...

I wish I was a baseball

So you could hit me

And be so eager to catch me...

I wish I was your favorite video game

So you wont get tired of being with me

Over and over again

I wish I was your favorite skating video

So you could just watch me all night

Every night...

I wish I were "your friends"

So you could listen to me

So you would definitely want to be with me

What am I to you?

Some creature without feelings?

Some mystical being that can't get hurt?

Am I some goddess?

Some spirit

That's too dead to even feel pain?

What am I to you?

A hobby?

A past time?

Am I to forever put up to you?

To forever bear with you?

To forgive you everytime?



Coz I love you

Why did I choose you?

Because I thought you were different

You were...

Too different

To even get used to the fact

That I'm here in your life now

Why did you want me?

Why were you so sweet?

To then trash all I've known of you...

I wish I was someone, some average girl

Who you can actually appreciate

For all the simple things I do for you...

I wish you were like your friends

Who actually consider me a part of you

Who actually want to hang with me

I wish I wasnt so weak

So dependent on you

That my life itself is ruled by you

Without you I'm nothing

You're the only thing I live for

So why ruin my life?

Why throw away the sweetness?

Why forget the eagerness you had before?

Why forget me?

Forget me..

Forget me not

Oh! Whatever!


Oh how I hate that word

A word only used to shut people up...

So why use it on you?

Why use it on me?

Why say it to anyone?!

I'm insane

Insane for loving you too much

Too much that I can't even think  anymore

Too many emotions swirling in my head

Love, compassion

Anger... sorrow...

When will I mean something to you?

When I die, get sick?

When it's too late?

When will I be appreciated?

When I'm no longer here?

When I cant talk anymore?

I wish I wasnt such a complainer

Such a stupid freak

Too indulged in you...


What will you say if I ask you this:

What am I to you?

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