I wish I could be more like the sky,

Never constant, but always there,

Where dawn awakes with sleepy blue eyes,

Dusk settles like dust on the breeze,

Tossing my hair up in gale force winds,

Which tease with the gentlest fingers,

And freeze my skin, ice my tears.

The watch of the clouds in their endless journey,

Across horizons pale and azure mounts,

Which reach up and tease the skies,

Merging unknown realities, different worlds,

Reflected in a pool of water,

Blue upon blue, heaven to earth,

A sky full of angelic clouds,

Fluttering winds, gentle kisses of winds.

I become tired of the same old routine,

Live in one world, but long to be free,

Unfold my feathers, open my eyes,

Allow myself desire and merge with the skies.

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