Incidental Truth

Social Interaction

In an integrated Farce land

A city named Emancipation

Women, men, and children

Have community fun.

Carnival Pageant many attend

Four girls meet in such a fete.

Each coming from

North, south, east, and west

In no time, four become friends.

Decide keep in touch, plan ahead.

At forefront, workout mind.

How do achieve, independence?

Survive in the tough Farce land.

All four females are without male pals.

Though be not alone, desire these girls.

Scared, of being deceived, remains single.

However, pursue goals, career, and studies.

Together rent house, and for errands hire hand.

As Housemaster, joins. He is the paying guest man.

His presence four females grace, deliver apt services.

Survival of the fittest four females agree harmonious

A propos, one man enjoys four, none wee bit jealous.

Hard to pin down theory of who came first, egg or hen?

Ambiguous social status is Harem, nevertheless four finds!

Strangely, true story, anyone thinks, is a pack of lies

Do check-in city, named Emancipation of Farce land.

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