Created For Him

God's Sovereignty

Bright and blue above is the sky, painted by Him, who sits on high,

It hangs above earth as a canopy, as far above as the eye can see.

God placed the sun for all to see, indeed high above earth’s canopy.

It’s not only a light for us to see, but it warms earth for you and me.

Along with the bright daytime light, He placed the moon in the night.

To complement the sky at night, God made the moon a lesser light.

Each night it shows a different phase, marking out a month of days.

God filled the night time canopy, with all the stars that you can see.

Stars He placed in constellations, as a witness unto all the nations.

Each star placed by His reasons, which mark out a year of seasons.

God sends the clouds in the sky, whenever the ground below is dry.

Rain then falls to the earth below, allowing all the greenery to grow,

It collects as water for you and me, and all the rest flows to the sea.

There the waters God shall store, retaining the oceans by the shore.

Protecting for us all the dry land; the part of earth God gave to man,

To work all of the earthly fields, while living off the greenery it yields.

On the stewards of earth below, abundant blessings God will bestow.

Friend, from the earth to the sky, all things point to The Lord on high.

All things are sustained in Christ, God’s Son who died as a sacrifice.

The entire world was made for Him, Christ our Lord who died for sin.

And as The Lord of all creation, God offers to men Eternal Salvation.

All men who come to Jesus Christ, by God are granted Eternal Life.

And as this earth does pass away, the man in Christ will forever stay.

No longer on the earth to roam, as Christ prepared an Eternal Home.

As the sun, stars and moon wane, those in Christ will forever remain.

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