The Mystery of Godliness

God's Sovereignty

Friend, the mystery of godliness, becomes a part of your witness.

For when you come to Jesus Christ, you begin to walk a holy life.

A walk devoted to Christ our Lord, and one that will not be ignored.

For not only is God watching you, but men see all you say and do.

This godliness comes from within, from Jesus, as you walk in Him.

Christ’s Spirit, sent by Him, takes up residence, and resides within.

And The Spirit living within, renders dead, your previous life of sin.

Now your new life and its desire, is not from earth but much higher.

The Mystery of Godliness is great; and it’s His return that we await.

There’s no question about this life, the godliness is found in Christ.

He appeared in a body on the earth, this through a miraculous birth,

Was vindicated by The Spirit of God, and coming back with His rod.

He was seen by angels and men, in a world that stood condemned.

He preached among every nation, the glorious Gospel of Salvation.

Men in the world believed in Him, and He was taken to Glory again.

Christ left us with a world to reach, and a message for us to preach.

Christ is our example of a holy life, and the Godly image of sacrifice.

The mystery was revealed in Him, on the cross as He forgave our sin.

And today the mystery of godliness, lights the way for us to witness.

Any godliness that men may see, is because of Christ, not you or me.

(Copyright ©06/2005)

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