Mom struggles

mom's poems

Mom struggles

Mom struggles

I see everyday

From the time

I awake until

I close my eyes

To sleep at night.

I see her struggles

In her face like a

Shadow hovering over

Her. The pain she

Can’t escape of

Her body hurting


She’s just trying to make

Ends meets like everybody

Else in this world today!

I cry in silence because

I know there’s nothing

I can do to take mom’s

Pain and struggles

Away. I ask god

To put her pain

And struggles on me

So my mom will

Be pain and

Struggle free

from this day!

June 23rd  2005  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the title explains itselfs

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I'm so glad you appreciate your mom. This piece is wonderful. Sounds like she is a single mom, and yes it is very hard on a single mom. But the love for a child will always see her through....