"When i remember you"

I remember the sweet autumn breeze,

The leaves rattling in the streets,

Open horizons, Clear skies; The world

A painting of a lost spring in my eyes,

And the cold autumn dew,

When I remember you!

I remember the spring time,

The world a celebration of life,

Blossoms and green fields; My heart

Like a child in the swing of his yield,

And passion’s temporal hue,

When I behold you!

I remember the moments of agony,

The smile that’s tainted by melancholy,

Ebbing hearts, desolate eyes; My soul

Like a song of solitude,

And chance’s heartless muse,

When am missing you!

I remember you, your serene eyes,

Your laughter, like the nature’s chimes,

Sweet indifference, Careless cues; Your grace

That nourishes my heart and sinew,

And the strange feeling of breathing you,

Oh I do! When I remember you!

When I remember you!


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