Eleven-eleven is when my Prince of Darkness comes to me.

I feel His shadow presence

Creating sinful ecstasy.

It is at this time he tells his lies

And it is when they seem most true

Though none of it is real

Therein lies your dread appeal

As I'm lying next to you.

Dark Lord of my yearning,

You need not ignite my desire for you-

It is already burning-

Undying as the sun,

But when the sun is behind the hill

And all are asleep and the earth is still

That is when my world is best begun.

You take away everything from me

Your absence depletes me of all bliss,

But in your denial is where I want to be,

You are too lovely not to miss.

And there is still hope and there is still a chance

That you have not lost me to the light

If you will have with me this one last dance

And we may together toast the eternal night.

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honey811's picture

wow I saw the title and I had to read this one. You see I'v had alot to do with 11;11 in my life for the past few years. I believe that 11 is connected to eternity that was what I got from it also. I look at it differently I see the light in 11:11 as well as the darkness, I believe it is a choice to choose, Hell in eternity or heaven in eternity. What do you choose is the ?