Sean Calls on I and the Family

I? Can you hear?

I really need you here.

This baby, what am I to do,

We are at the end our rope you know?

I don’t know if we can bear this loss,

With all we have been through,

Shipwrecks, wars, have we not paid the cost

For a little consideration from you?

Do not fear, you have the tools.

Remember all you learned in school.

You mean it is not to late,

And with proper care he can be saved.

That remains to be seen, you will have to wait,

I will not intercede on fate.

So he does have a chance, however slim,

Please just touch and heal him.

Go my son, and use the tools with which you have been blessed,

And you all will come through fine on this test.

Thank you, I, I feel better now that you are here,

You know just how to take away my fear.

I will do as you say,

And work hard for my son to save.

I know you are busy I,

So I guess I will say goodbye.

Once we get home there,

Stop by for a beer.

I will take you up on that son,

But now I must run.

Oh, before I go,

You do need to a call you folks.



Hello. Mooom?

Mom, I just had to call,

Seina is with child,

And the diagnosis isn’t good at all.

No mom, there is always hope,

I have it on good authority,

We aren’t at the end of our rope.

It will take a lot of work with my Misses,

For the both of them to make it through this.

Please mom, don’t cry, or we will both be in tears,

I just had to talk to someone about my fears.

Yes, mom, I will be alright,

I will stay in her room tonight.

Hug my children and tell dad I love them so,

But Seina is stirring, so I need to go.

Mom. Thank you for being there.

Thank you for the strength you share.

Good night mom, please don’t worry,

I will try to get us both discharged in a hurry.

We need to be with our family.

Yes mom, I am sure that is where we need to be.

Good night.


Wes. I know it is late,

But I have so much on my plate,

I needed to talk with family.

Seina is going to have a hard pregnancy.

We just found out that she…

Yes, I know we already have three.

This will be my son, but there is a danger

Because we are just finding out,

He could die in the hanger.

We can boost her protein intake,

Make her eat several small meals,

We need to raise the little ones weight,

And that is the big deal.

Thank you sir, we will do all we can,

I really want this little man.

Every man, I guess wants a son,

But, God’s will must be done.

Just you all say a prayer for us,

And try not to make to much a fuss.

We will try to go home on the morrow,

I just don’t know if we can stand more sorrow.

Give mom a hug and tell her Seina and I send our love.

Yes sir, you are right. A lot of prayers and a lot of luck.

Good night sir, until tomorrow then.

Yes sir…Amen.

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