The Way You Move

Mmmm, here we are again, smiling beauty

I love when you do that, that timid smile,

as you look up at me and bite your lip,

and your hands run down your hips, mmmmm

I love the way you do it.

Cock your head, as you look at me,

that wicked smile as you watch my mouth,

while you slowly pull, your golden hair, behind your ear,

you know how much I love, kissing you there,

your slender neck, so soft and smooth,

oh god baby, I love the way you move.

I wanna hear that little sigh, you know the one,

when I kiss you in that special way,

I wanna hear your desire, lovely,

as I start your fire.

Can you imagine how hard you make it to sleep,

I haven't had you today, sweetness,

as you curl up against me,

your warmth calls so loud,

can't you hear my heart, it's pounding now,

you evil temptress, I can almost hear your laugh,

as you cozy up even tighter, rubbing your ass,

against me hard, god, you make it, make it,

so hard to breathe.

Why is it when I smell you so close,

I can't help but remember, how you taste,

you make me wanna weep, it burns so good.

I can't help but run my hand up your thigh,

mmmmmm, I wanna feel your heat,

cradle me in your love, darlin,

open up and hold me tight.

Make me forget the world exists,

beyond the smell of your skin,

your hungry mouth, your eager thighs,

as your loving hand guides me in,

god you feel so right.

Make me complete angel,

hold me close and don't let go,

moan in my ear, as I merge with you.

Exist with me, in that other place,

far removed from time,

feel the beauty there love, and try to believe,

I'm holding nothing back, and I won't deceive,

just give it a chance, smiling beauty,

just give us a chance,

I wanna take you, take you,

to that special place,

where you can see, the love and beauty,

reflected in these eyes, as I stare into,

your perfect face.

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