Happy is the couple

hand in hand.

Is it true?

What the eyes see?

A hidden darkness

appears in my mind.

Is love blind and

is it true in

a stranger's eyes?

A kiss in a soft pair

of lips

Is there a truth

behind it?

A warm hug.

Does it warm up

their nights in the dark?

Is everything we see


Looking into each other eyes.

The glimpse of a tale.

A story unheard.

Futures left unspoken.

Is love the real picture?

Do we have the wrong idea

from another's eyes?

Behind a love

is an ocean of secrets

Secrets that can make

everyone a fool.

Paint your love

as you want it be painted.

But the canvass

knows the real truth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To a friend that made me realize that nothing was what it seemed and that you should open your eyes a little wider and you'll know the REAL TRUTH.  Thanks!  haha

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