Sean and Vance Talk Over Game Plan

Sean. Shhh. Come out here.

Let Seina sleep, the poor dear.

I have her tests and our suspicions are confirmed,

If we act now,

start a strict regimen,

the baby will be fine at full term.

What this means,

Is for Seina and the baby to survive,

Lily must be weaned.

She will need to go on formula

So milk production won’t be such a drain.

This must be done

or our efforts will be in vain.

Morgan. There is no other way?

To my knowledge, I can’t say.

Even this will be touch and go,

With results unknown until the baby shows.

Do you want to tell Seina,

Or should I.

I will tell her,

You have done enough,

Friend of mine.

Oh, by the way Sean, your tests came through.

I wish to hell I was as healthy as you.

Didn’t find any abnormalities,

Far as your noggin goes,

Just have to wait for all your memories.


Good morning sleepy head,

You slept really hard,

I kept checking your breathing

To make sure you weren’t dead.

How do you feel today?

A lot better I must say.

Please don’t look at me,

I look a mess until I have had my coffee.

Somehow I knew you would say that,

So I went to the cafeteria and brought back a carafe.

Oh Sean, you are a dear,

You deserve a kiss for that so come here.

My lovely your lips are like wine,

And holding you close is divine.

They will be bringing you breakfast in a few,

But there are some things I need to tell you.

Vance brought me up the results of your tests.

Now I don’t want you to get upset,

If you do exactly as I say,

You and the baby will make it all the way.

I am not going to blow smoke,

You and the baby are in danger and that is no joke.

We are working up a special diet plan,

Along with prescriptions for special vitamins.

You will have to stop breast feeding immediately,

Because it is placing to much strain on your anatomy.

But Sean, what will Lily do?

She is old enough for regular milk and food too.

We have to wean her from you.

I am not going to sugar coat this,

It will be touch and go I must confess.

Oh Sean, I am scared. I know how much you want this son.

Baby, don’t you worry, to me, you are the one.

We will get through this together.

After all we have been through, this is just a little bad weather.

I won’t let anything happen to you two,

Our love and our faith will see us through.

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Author's Comments:
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