Dear God, You're not my friend

*New Poems*

I'm a machine

You wanted me to do what you thought we should do.

Perfect as all, Unexpected thats the way we like it.

and Yes, they are in shock - I am so panicing, You are your chronic.

You aren't my drug.

You are my best illusion God

At this moment, I refuse to be brainwashed.

You mimic me, I'm not joining you today.

I am beautiful for being just me, Can't you see?

Vividly I knew you as a child

I used to be attratcted to things that would lie to me

Santas, Bunnies, Fairies.

If I was your paranoia I'd be joining you god.

I can't living life scared.

I'm supposed to live life as if it were my last.

I'm gods tortured vessels with no being.

Now I'm dying before this final place crash,

Dear G o D

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