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Giza, Egypt

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I enjoy writing the most, translating literature, re-writing, simplifying, traveling, getting to know other people, listening to others.

"If I weren't a writer, I would have died but writing did not save me from dying."

I am a mother of two young boys: Ebrahim (6/5/2000) and Zein (29/8/2002). When I once was chosing a nickname for myself, I somehow called myself 'wnature'. The 'w' stands for writing; then nature is another side of the coin that represents me. I love almost everything that is natural. I identify with nature so easily except with the ugly and evil components of nature.
People are treasures to learn from about life and life is my main educator. That is how important people are to me. And maybe from here comes my favorite categories of books: autobiographies, then literature then anything else that is well written and carries a value.
I'm dreaming of visiting most countries of the world and living spcifically in Canada. I've visited Canada the first time then the second I felt that I was going back to my second home.
My goal is that through writing, translating and communicating with others, I can touch people's lives and influence them for positive change. I believe that with my little experience I can share a lot with others. Maybe a simple honest word coming from the heart would find it's place in the puzzle of somebody's life....
I believe that human beings are more powerful than they think. By exploring our ablilites and making the best use of them, life could be much more different and much more beautiful. We need to learn about who we really are, what we really need from life and what we do have for life. Then we can work on it. It's a dream that I've always had and maybe this little space on the net would help me at least to express my dream :)

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Give everything what it deserves, not less and no more.


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