News Update

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you a late breaking news update on the kidnapping in Iraq, of an American Journalist, Linda Lieaday. This is Mitch Wendell.

There has been a communiqué from the insurgent kidnappers holding Ms. Lieaday, assuring us that she is alive and well and would be released in the near future. They express regret for the blowing up of the orphanage bus by an overzealous comrade and indicated that the bus would be replaced. It went on to say that Ms. Lieaday was someone they felt could be trusted to report their stories objectively and convey their wishes to lay down their arms. The reasons Ms Lieaday was taken was to explain why they were fighting and what they wanted in return for laying down their arms. One of the overriding themes, seems to be that the occupying forces made it impossible for them to find a means of supporting their families and the insurgency paid well enough to keep food on the table for their families.

We here in the newsroom have breathed a collective sigh of relief that Linda is safe and would be returned to us soon.

For your channel 9 news, this is Mitch Wendell returning you to your regularly scheduled program.


Mom, Mom! Find Sean quickly.

There is a news bulletin, he must see.

Hurry, hurry please.

This bulletin will put his mind at ease.

Okay, Seina, I will run,

But catching him won’t be done.

He left a few moments ago to go to the base,

And let me tell you, he was going post haste.

Oh God! He didn’t! Tell me he didn’t go.

He is out of his mind with worry

About Linda, this I know.

Call the guards at the base…No, I don’t know how,

I would go after him, but they won’t let me out of bed now.

The number is in our black book, call the gate,

I know him, he will get on a plane, then it will be too late.


Captain Costickson?

Yes corporal?

I have a message for you to call home.

May I use your Phone?

Yes sir, but don’t stay on too long.

Thank you, I won’t be.

Hello, Seina, it is me.

Sean, Sean, your weren’t, were you?

You know me well, my love, that is what I was going to do.

Sean, it isn’t necessary, they are setting her free,

It just came across on the news on TV.

Thank God, I didn’t want to go back,

But somehow I could see that to be the only track.

I love you so much Seina, I will come back home,

Cause hon…I WANT SOME! Heh-Heh.

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