enough of you

it's finnally that time

you fuckin' made up your mind

you're a worthless whore

and now there's nothing more

for me to say

except get back, get the fuck out of my way

i don't want you in my life

i don't want you near me

can you hear me?

sick of  old bullshit

sick of old lies

whatever we had

now it dies

i've washed my hands of you

we're finally through.

no more time for bullshit games

you're fuckin' still the same

after all this time, after all this space

i'm so fucking sick of you, sick of your face

just a lying

no good


fucking disgrace

i don't believe in you

i don't care for you

i'm not here for you

i don't want to hear from you

we got too close

another simple dose

of heartbreak


and insanity

i thought nothing could break

my heart's vanity

it ain't true.

look at you

ya fucked it up and you still

got enough

for round two

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