Temporary Goodbye

You held me tight and secretly smelled my soft hair.

Our standing in the hallway for the last time talking for 30 minutes paid off.

I told you I loved you and would miss you over the extended amount of time I couldn't hold you close.

Then for the last time...

We held hands and you dropped mine to hold me so close to you as you left your scent on me five hours later.

We kissed your cheek...

For the last time of our temporary goodbye.

Looking at you and having our arms around each other made tiny tears form in my upset blue eyes.

I took one last look into your beautiful brown pupils and let you slip away...

As soon as my hands and arms realized they had nothing to hold onto, I grabbed her arm and started crying.

Through blurry eyes and a broken heart I looked back even after telling myself not to...


We waited for our painful relief while watching the world pass us by...

People were talking and laughing, glad to have it all over.

Cars passed and the wind hurried through the treetops.

It seemed as though time was standing still.

Being there without him made every last second hurt more and more.

Finally we left...

But not without saying goodbye,

And hoping it was only temporary.

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