Passionate Blood **WARNING**

Softness of skin rises the temperature,

Being held closely makes me unsure.

Deaf to the sounds of reality crashing,

My heart reads my mind as my blood is splashing.

Teeth that grazes the flesh on my body,

Gasp and yelp when pain is ready.

A knife to quickly give a fix,

Blood and passion, a sickening mix.

Tongue to lap the flow of life,

Taste the torture and taste the strife.

Place your self upon your knees,

Lightly you whimper as a plea.

Razor to feed you as children crave,

Vampire of darkness, so cowardly brave.

Outstretched arms with long red lines,

Selling my body's vital signs.

Gently another mark to you,

Pure-less blood as inconsistency is true.

Put another notch in my skin,

It bleeds so easily because its thin.

Hands caress and beg and plead,

Release you blood, release your seed.

Damnation and ecstasy are a sin,

But you love the power you hide within.

Another moment to feel your fire,

Your body burns with heavy desire.

But I've had enough, its time to leave,

And then I find your grip upon my sleeve.

Trying to push away and stand my ground,

As I resist you pull me down.

Desperation turns to hate,

Too much blood you may not take.

Pools of blood congregate,

Smell the sorrow, smell the hate.

Body tries to close itself from a bleeding hell,

The over whelming aroma, this metalic smell.

No need to listen to my voice,

It's not like longer I have a choice.

Slowly slipping from the earth hazy grip,

Aren't you happy you took that last sip?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ya, so its a little creepy....but what the hell, not like it matters to me....

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