Monthly Archive for April 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Release Poem blueeyes Anger NonViolent Apr 23rd
Yearning Poem blueeyes Lust Apr 23rd
I am the Darkness Poem blueeyes 1 Dark Apr 23rd
Mind Fuck Poem blueeyes Bizarre Apr 23rd
Nameless Poem blueeyes Sexual Apr 23rd
Jeremy R Poem brokenangel17 Apr 23rd
Fuck You For Loving Me In The First Place Poem brokenfairy 1 Revenge Apr 23rd
Fading from, Losing touch Poem chachi Apr 23rd
The blue is fading, (Into grey) Poem chachi Apr 23rd
Crucify Poem Chase 2 Apr 23rd
*From the darkness to the light* Poem debbie Hope Apr 23rd
*Love me always* Poem debbie love Apr 23rd
*Forbidden to sleep* Poem debbie 2 Pain/Sorrow Apr 23rd
Blue Tears Poem desert_rose Abstract Apr 23rd
It Might As Well Be Spring~ Lyrics Poem desert_rose Song Lyrics Apr 23rd
I hope you know Poem desert_rose Abstract Apr 23rd
He Gathers Every Teardrop... Poem desert_rose Abstract Apr 23rd
Torn Poem dolphinscry13 Apr 23rd
Come Back to Me Poem exthias1983 1 Forgiveness Apr 23rd
bad habits coming back to break me Poem Briana518 Apr 23rd
Nothing More to Give Poem jessadawn Apr 23rd
World Book Day Poem jgupta 1 Apr 23rd
Light The Match Poem joelcarter_86 Goodbye Apr 23rd
Conversation with God Poem liltigg10 death Apr 23rd
Sitting here thinking Poem liltigg10 Apr 23rd
Christmas with out you Poem liltigg10 1 Apr 23rd
I Poem liltigg10 death Apr 23rd
My Angel Poem liltigg10 death Apr 23rd
Deadman Poem manic_poetic Hidden Love Apr 23rd
Untitled -- 4.23.2005 Poem manic_poetic 1 Unrequited Love Apr 23rd
Untame words Poem maybethistime 1 Poetry/Writing Apr 23rd
Pages of the Past Poem maybethistime Memories Apr 23rd
Saved by an angel... Poem niltak Apr 23rd
How can you? Poem niltak Apr 23rd
i cannot love? Poem niltak Apr 23rd
I'll Do It With You! Poem niltak Apr 23rd
On my mind Poem niltak Apr 23rd
I can help Poem niltak Apr 23rd
Hit till you drop Poem niltak Apr 23rd
his guitar a song I wrote for a friend Poem ozzypoemgirl Song Lyrics Apr 23rd
Free Will Really Does Exist...I Think So... Poem pamschwetz 3 Apr 23rd
John, If Poem stonesy Apr 23rd
الديمة الصديقة Poem ثناءدرويش 7 Apr 23rd
Religion Poem trumpet7 inspiration Apr 23rd
You Don't Have To Be An Angel Poem unrulyspring 1 Apr 23rd
The comparison Poem yardesspoetess Apr 23rd
Unexpected Song .... 24April05 Poem avengers1965 Apr 24th
Someone Out There Poem beautifulpain 3 Apr 24th
Ode to Tears Poem blumentopf Apr 24th
Not With You Poem brokenfairy 1 Apr 24th
For You. Your Lucky Escape. Poem brokenfairy Apr 24th
Nightmares Poem Syzoth Apr 24th
Don't Wanna Be Here Poem crazynm04 Apr 24th
a way 2 die Poem crazynm04 Apr 24th
*Only your Eyes* Poem crimsonangel 2 Being Loved Apr 24th
*decision* Poem crimsonangel Compassion Apr 24th
*remember* Poem crimsonangel Bittersweet Apr 24th
*Transformation* Poem crimsonangel Change/Transition Apr 24th
*the new poet* Poem crimsonangel Anger Violent Apr 24th
*Lone rider* Poem crimsonangel Fate/Destiny Apr 24th
Joseph Poem cutetreena_1064 love Apr 24th
*Your sacred Freind-A bottle of Gin* Poem debbie Sin Apr 24th
*Your Angels Your Love* Poem debbie Song Lyrics Apr 24th
Running Away Poem deethepoet Apr 24th
My Everything Poem fighter4life 1 religion Apr 24th
Pretending.......Just Pretending Poem fighter4life 1 Pain/Sorrow Apr 24th
Frozen Image Poem fighter4life 1 obsession Apr 24th
Tonight Poem fighter4life 1 love Apr 24th
Everytime Poem jazzy91 2 love Apr 24th
you fucking dick! Poem jazzy91 1 Apr 24th
I'll Come Back For You (Part 2) Poem joelcarter_86 friendship Apr 24th
The Irish Floggy Poem kragey Tributes/Odes Apr 24th
Moths Poem lettersfromorual Apr 24th
"Hopeless Sacrifice" Poem Nediot Apr 24th
"Paradise" Poem Nediot 2 Apr 24th
The facts denied Poem maybethistime Escapism Apr 24th
I'll Be There Poem maybethistime Devotion Apr 24th
The Delight in the Chase Poem maybethistime 1 New Love Apr 24th
After-glow Poem maybethistime Abstract Apr 24th
His Offer Poem munchkin Apr 24th
You call yourself a friend Poem munchkin Apr 24th
Early Morning Thoughts Poem necifallen 2 Apr 24th
لا تخطُف قافيتي Poem Nibras 1 Apr 24th
أنت... كيف أصفك!؟ Poem Nibras Apr 24th
ربَّاهُ.. Poem Nibras Apr 24th
هل يستكين؟ Poem Nibras Apr 24th
Death is calling Poem nighthawk21 Apr 24th
god Talking! Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 religion Apr 24th
ON THE LIP Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 24th
Get It....Got It...Good.... Poem pamschwetz 1 Apr 24th
* Ranjan * Poem poetvg 1 Apr 24th
* Ocean Breeze * Poem poetvg 3 Apr 24th
* To Be One With The Sea * Poem poetvg 1 Apr 24th
* He Is My Freind * Poem poetvg 3 Apr 24th
Imagistic Dream Poem shankooti_girl Peace Apr 24th
STRANGER AT MY WINDOW Poem shankooti_girl Other Apr 24th
Mama Poem shankooti_girl family Apr 24th
My Bottom Surface Poem shankooti_girl Comedy/Humor Apr 24th
My Homeland Poem shankooti_girl Nature/Environment Apr 24th
May 25 Poem shankooti_girl War Apr 24th
Everlasting Image Poem shankooti_girl 1 death Apr 24th
Final Expedition Poem shankooti_girl death Apr 24th
Give Me A Hand Poem shankooti_girl War Apr 24th
Reflecting On Me Poem shankooti_girl Other Apr 24th
Mr. President Poem shankooti_girl Political Apr 24th
Get Involved Poem shankooti_girl Apr 24th
Replica Love Poem shankooti_girl love Apr 24th
The Other Side of the World Poem shankooti_girl Other Apr 24th
Icicles Poem shankooti_girl Haiku Apr 24th
Never Seen Poem unrulyspring Apr 24th
PRESENT Poem xtearsoakedeyesx Hope Apr 24th
THESE ARE MY SKIPPING SHOES Poem xtearsoakedeyesx Soul mates Apr 24th
Acceptance Poem yardesspoetess Apr 24th
Have gone Poem yardesspoetess Apr 24th
Lately Poem yardesspoetess Apr 24th
Grown to Love Poem yardesspoetess Apr 24th
All of the above Poem yardesspoetess Apr 24th
Avenue Poem yardesspoetess Apr 24th
I love you Poem yardesspoetess Apr 24th
Dangerously in Love Poem yardesspoetess Apr 24th
Incomplete Poem yardesspoetess Breaking Up Apr 24th
one..two..three Poem yardesspoetess Apr 24th
Knowing Ill Be Fine Poem adam03cc 1 Apr 25th
Love Doesn't Leave Poem asherivers Apr 25th
Sarah Poem blood_let_soul_... Lost love Apr 25th
The Vampire's Tale part One:A Vampire's Tale (A Lament) Poem blood_let_soul_... Devotion Apr 25th
Elizabeth Poem blood_let_soul_... Sin Apr 25th
Lord of the Dance - Triple Tetrachtys Poem blumentopf Apr 25th
The lesson Poem bopez 2 Apr 25th
Is it wrong? Poem brokenangel17 1 Apr 25th
Confusion Poem brokenfairy 1 Loneliness Apr 25th
Andrew Poem brokenfairy Goodbye Apr 25th
He's not you - UNFINISHED Poem brokenfairy Apr 25th
Right Now Poem brokenfairy Apr 25th
Miss. Popular Poem brokenfairy 3 youth Apr 25th
Kristen Poem cam sadness Apr 25th
Better Off Poem chachi 1 Apr 25th
*nowhere* Poem crimsonangel Loneliness Apr 25th
*Promise* Poem crimsonangel Breaking Up Apr 25th
*Burn* Poem crimsonangel 3 Fury Unleashed Apr 25th
*wish i knew* Poem crimsonangel 1 Missing You Apr 25th
*speak of a shadow* Poem crimsonangel Dark Apr 25th
*secret world* Poem crimsonangel Apr 25th
*Illusion* Poem crimsonangel Acceptance Apr 25th
*Diminish* Poem crimsonangel 1 Suicide Apr 25th
*Our Love True* Poem crimsonangel Devotion Apr 25th
*Deceive me* Poem crimsonangel Memories Apr 25th
*how i miss you* Poem crimsonangel Unrequited Love Apr 25th
*Habits* Poem crimsonangel Apr 25th
Love shit Poem dark_n_lost Apr 25th
Incompletely Captured Poem dasweetyjd Apr 25th
Untitled -- 4.24.2005 Poem deethepoet Apr 25th
"A Picture on My Soul" Poem jade_moon 1 Apr 25th
So I'll hold on to Jesus Poem jesusmyjoy 1 Apr 25th
Smart Bunch Poem jgupta Apr 25th
Name-a-Game Poem jgupta Apr 25th
Hip Clinic Poem jgupta Apr 25th
Four Walls Poem jgupta Apr 25th
to be cut Poem kragey Suicide Apr 25th
What You Mean To Me Poem Lost love Apr 25th
Your Kindness Poem liltigg10 Apr 25th
My Hero Poem liltigg10 2 Apr 25th
I... Poem liltigg10 Apr 25th
Good Bye Poem liltigg10 Apr 25th
Going away Poem liltigg10 1 death Apr 25th
Death Beckons Me Gently Poem maybethistime death Apr 25th
open your eyes Poem mystik134 1 Apr 25th
valentine's day Poem mystik134 Apr 25th
The Edge of Eternity Poem necifallen Apr 25th
Ache Poem necifallen Apr 25th
Confused Poem necifallen 1 Apr 25th
The Things We Couldn't Say Poem necifallen Apr 25th
2 Poem Nibras Apr 25th
Just another night Poem nighthawk21 Apr 25th
What am i waiting for Poem nighthawk21 Apr 25th
lies... Poem niltak Apr 25th
so much... Poem niltak Apr 25th
I hate you Poem niltak Apr 25th
theres no more me... Poem niltak Apr 25th
My World Poem DarkStatic 1 Abstract Apr 25th
Fear Poem organik Apr 25th
I sleep away the pain Poem organik Loneliness Apr 25th
Light when im alone Poem organik 1 dreams Apr 25th
A Reminder for people Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Reality Apr 25th
Classic Horror Poem pamschwetz 1 Apr 25th
Laughs Last Poem pamschwetz 2 Apr 25th
Surrender Poem poeticangeltears84 Apr 25th
* Rain Drops * Poem poetvg 1 Apr 25th
INDIAN ENGLISH Poem profrksingh 1 Apr 25th
Snow Poem shankooti_girl 1 Haiku Apr 25th
rain/sorrow Poem vatchejames Pain/Sorrow Apr 25th
Pain Poem silvermoon 1 Being Loved Apr 25th
The Crossing Poem unrulyspring 1 Apr 25th
Sharing the Brain Poem vipervenomnu Apr 25th
Innocence Poem vipervenomnu 1 Apr 25th
The Disciple Poem vipervenomnu Apr 25th
WORDS NEEDED TO BE SAID Poem ltsaunders Abuse Apr 26th
THE NEW ME POEM Poem ltsaunders Change/Transition Apr 26th
MY PAST, MY FUTURE Poem ltsaunders 2 Awakening Apr 26th
SOME FISH IN THE SEA ARE JUST TOO BIG! Poem TeagueLChesed 1 Apr 26th
creatures of habit Poem blissfully_yours Apr 26th
Bitter Realization Poem disappear_here 1 Acceptance Apr 26th
Bitter Chimes Poem ethezube Apr 26th
Solitaire Poem ethezube 2 Apr 26th
End of All Emotion: Untitled 1 Poem ethezube Apr 26th
End of All Emotion: Untitled 2 pt. 1 Poem ethezube Apr 26th
End of All Emotion: Untitled 2 pt. 2 Poem ethezube Apr 26th
A Lie Poem ethezube Apr 26th
End of All Emotion: Untitled 3 Poem ethezube 1 Apr 26th
End of All Emotion: Hello Robot (song) Poem ethezube Apr 26th
End of All Emotion: Crash Poem ethezube Apr 26th
For You Christine Poem ethezube Apr 26th
The Mill Poem ethezube Apr 26th
A Truth Poem ethezube Apr 26th
My Balcony Scene Poem fallingdisaster 2 Abstract Apr 26th
A Message From Someone Like You Poem fallingdisaster Strength/Courage Apr 26th
Tomorrow Poem fallingdisaster Haiku Apr 26th
Not Worth It Poem imager Apr 26th
Everything I've ever Loved Poem imager Apr 26th
Thoughts on a lonely night Poem imager Apr 26th
Lies Poem kesiahg Betrayal Apr 26th
Sad Eyes Poem kiss_yo_luck Emotionless Apr 26th
Reflection Poem kiss_yo_luck 1 Suicide Apr 26th
Sorrow Poem kiss_yo_luck confusion Apr 26th
Last Good-Bye Poem kiss_yo_luck death Apr 26th
Endless War Poem kiss_yo_luck 1 War Apr 26th
River of Death Poem kiss_yo_luck death Apr 26th
Undesired Poem lostinnocence Apr 26th
Selfless Poem lostinnocence Apr 26th
Screams Poem manic_poetic dreams Apr 26th
Matt Poem manic_poetic Apr 26th
"YOU WILL" Poem Nediot Apr 26th
"WITHOUT" Poem Nediot Apr 26th
"HOLD ME...... FOREVER!" Poem Nediot 2 Apr 26th
Him and Her Poem mikey_tonin Apr 26th
Explain Yourself. 4/24/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Apr 26th
A letter to paul lathem Poem ozzypoemgirl In Memory Apr 26th
Macbeth Poem perception death Apr 26th
6 Months Time Poem pgeihm Acceptance Apr 26th
If Only You Knew Poem poeticangeltears84 Apr 26th
Miss you (crazy) Poem rairai Apr 26th
Dot dot dot Poem rairai Apr 26th
Need I Repeat Myself? Poem stephanietagle Apr 26th
No Reciprocation Poem stephanietagle Apr 26th
Me, Myself, and I Poem stephanietagle Apr 26th
the ballad started in the garden Poem sweetdreams Apr 26th
anger from a young woman who had it all until it was taken away Poem sweetdreams Apr 26th
lessons from wal-mart change Poem sweetdreams Apr 26th
When fairytales were for little girls Poem sweetdreams 1 Apr 26th