Pages of the Past

Pages of the past

Shudder before my eyes

An emissary gust of winter

Reminds me of unspoken goodbyes.

The people I left behind-

I see them every day-

But where is the bond we shared

If indeed there was ever one that way?

Each parody of each person

Like an oak leaf blows,

A memory floating o'er my head

Gently downward,

Undistinguished from the rest it goes.

So different upon careful inspection,

Every variation of color-

Veins of gold filament, flush of red,

Pixie dust abundant when in dawn they tread,

Kissing the musky earth

With most tender affection.

How I long for my own cache

Of paper hands to hold my dreams at bay.

The messages unto me will relay

Opportunity that is all around,

Even in the leaves' soft sound

Where'er there is some plave to rest

Upon their descent, then fall they may.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in October 18, 2004.

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