Religion is just a vehicle to God, prevalent upon this earth we trod.

But one must step outside religion, to make a true eternal decision.

Religion is just what men believe, out of what their minds conceive.

Preconceived in man’s tradition, as they create a cultural rendition.

Renditions God wouldn’t conceive, from men who say they believe.

Religion adds to God’s Holy Word, from others who have also erred.

It changes for the culture of men, which God Himself has condemned.

And Truths they don’t want heard, they simply remove from His Word.

This causes many men much grief, while other men fall into unbelief.

All who change God’s Holy Bible, will before God be eternally liable.

Man’s first attempt at a religion, was changed by God to pure derision.

Their vain attempt to reach the sky, was derailed by The God on high.

The God they sought was not amused, so their language He confused.

He turned their order into rabble, turning their speech into utter babble.

Today that spirit from Babel’s Tower, is present in men this very hour.

Friend, Religion is that spirit’s name, and the result will be the same.

In the end men shall fall away, as they add error to God’s narrow way.

God will pour a strong delusion, on men who seek a religious solution.

Men who add man’s deduction, will ultimately see eternal destruction.

For God had said the deceptive heart, from Christ will eternally depart.

Religion will continue to change, but God’s Word remains the same.

The Lord has but one Eternal Plan, fully centered on The Son of Man.

Man attempts to reach God from earth, is a belief built upon self worth.

But God has reached man on earth, through His Spirit and New Birth.

Christ Himself died once for all sin, doing away with a need of religion.

(Copyright ©04/2005)

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