The facts denied

Nothing is sacred, I've forsaken all decorum,

There are no longer words I'd avoid saying

In a public forum.

All meaning is lost,

It has been spent on words less dear,

So now it shouldn't matter what I say

It would not be worth your time to hear.

I have said so many things,

Bared so much what of my soul is left,

I've given you so much of me in words bereft.

Now I feel their loss when

In empty messages I impart

The seedy interior of this brothel-

My heart.

It's a wonder to me as I'm sure it is to you

Why and how I reject myself competely,

Why defending my dignity

Is something I no longer feel the need to do.

It started with the drive to reveal

What had been so long obscured,

Sentenced to the darkness,

Which in its silence I trusted

More than being heard.

Now I've revealed the contents of my soul,

There isn't much left to hide.

I don't know the meaning of discretion

No that there's nothing unknown inside.

The only territory yet untrod

Is a mystery yet to see

To anyone but God,

For whom I choose to tell

My heedless truths and lies

Is missing the more there is to me

That in my selfless exposure

Escapes even the most focused of eyes.

The veil of enigma has been drawn aside,

Only to trade silence for stories,

The facts denied.

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