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I love to write. I sing, dance, step, and mess with people. I flirt, I'ma Flirterer!

I have been working at a record store for 4 months (DEC. 18). I love it. its nice. I planned on going to NYU but, I'm not so sure now... But I did get accepted! I have a new boyfriend. But really he's an old one. Jordan from the poems. He is great as he has always been. I love being a senior and having my own money and car. Woo hoo. I have two great best friends and I love them to death. I'm finally over my X, which took me the longest time to do.

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My belly button is a inny. I think its cute...

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O yeah

I'm shy and quiet, but don't think me weak. In fact I'm plotting against you right now.

I don't come with dice. So don't play with me.

I wish I saved the tears you made me cry, so I could drown you in them.


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