The Delight in the Chase

To follow a flight of fancy,

To chase the decending sun,

To collect pools of moonlight

In silver pails

And sprinkle stardust just for fun,

You awake the spirit of Pan

Whistling a merry tune, pipes and all;

You embody the White Rabbit

Down whose burrow you'll swiftly fall.

I'm done with my pursuit

Of what hesitates to come to me,

I'm ready instead for someone

To woo me cordially.

Romance is in the setting sun-

It leaves and comes again,

Just as in nature, if there be one,

Expect more to follow then.

Done am I with searching,

Sacrificing life for the lonely hunt.

Artemis know herself that

The arrows she lets fly

Are less sharp than they are blunt.

I'd rather be pierced and begin to feel

Than dream of what may be

If time doth truly heal.

So away with the chase of tangible things,

I only want to seek

That which has wings.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes I want freedom and for love to come to me.  To have all of one, you must sacrifice a bit of the other.

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i loved it