I hate Drama,

When it is a needless event.

Like killing sharks for nothing more than teeth.

Where fishermen clean their catch of the day,

And throw the bones and guts back into the sea,

Knowing sooner or later,

Fins will rise and cut through the wake.

What do they care of the feeding frezy?

Will they always be ignorant to the chaos they start?

Must everything be supply in demand?

Can't one hold closer to virtue than the all might dollar?

Why do I alwaya feel like the one that accidently got tossed:


My mind knows where the sharks are,

Where they lie in wait,

For fools,

For dull witted nit wits,

For curious cats,

For accidental tourists....


As if I'm watching snakes in a glass cage,

I want to stick my hand on their glass house wall,

Let them feel the heat of my hand.

Will I be able to hold myself steady?

And know that I am safe?

Or will I reel back in fear...When it strikes.

Here I am now,

In a game that I was never meant to play,

But now must know that sooner or later,

That when the serpent isn't under glass,

This dance may all too well wind up deadly.

Or will I and the snake,

Fear eachother so much,

That we slither off into the grass...

Leaving each other...


My supports,

All those who say,

"Talk to me, I'm here for you."

Have all found other lives.

For today, I have felt abandon in the herpatarium,

And I've wanted to craddle the rabbits...

But I knew that would just be teasing them.

Why give them false hope,

The snakes mouth will open and swallow them whole.

For them it's just another cruel day in this world.

I sometimes wonder,

Am I a rabbit?

How long do I live in fear,

Can I run far and fast enough?

And just when I think my hole in the dirt is safe,

Will I turn around and be face to face with the serpent?

I'm tired of dancing this Drama Tango...

Where the sharks keep me out of the water,

And the snakes make me run for it.

Then there are days like today,

Where I never know if the snakes already live in me,

Or if I'm just a rabbit jumping off the cliff into the sharks-

Trying in a mad dash just to GET AWAY,

But get caught in a cycle of just RE--ACTING.

I don't need the shark's teeth,

I don't have a need for denture's.

I don't want to encounter any snake....

There are no more elixir's of snake oil.

And the thumping foot of the rabbit is making me deaf,

Maybe if I just cut it off,

I'll be lucky.

I'll hold it in my medicine bag,

That lies close to my heart,

And it will remind me never to wear my heart on my sleeve.

BECAUSE some fish in the sea are just too big!

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Max Marston's picture

This is profound, cryptic yet one can openly navigate the meaning of relationships in here through to inference of your idioms. I hope to come back and find more here of this superb quality. Thank-you for marking the spot where many have traveled, yet did not know it's name.