In the beginning

Opening eyes

Lifting of heads

Remembering things

Recently said

Regretting choices

Not planning ahead

Sad and remorseful

Of being misled

Looking for love

In all the wrong places

Most carefree of times

So carelessly wasted

Lost in confusion

Crying inside

Yet, standing quite tall

And clinging to pride

Dreaming of days

So long gone away

Wishing them stay

To not pass me by-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please note, and take into full account, this was written on December 31, 1999, when angst and adolescence were in full bloom.  This is one of my first sad, sad attempts at poetry.  I was barely thirteen.

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Samantha Eisenman's picture

Wow! I knew there were others out there that felt the same confusion as me, but i have never put in words lyke dat b4. your really good at this you should continue writtin.