A Reminder for people

A reminder for people

Why I care so much

about you I don’t

yet know why?

But I know god

Has his own

Reasons why?

He brought

You into my

Life! You’ve

Taught me

It’s okay to

Be who I truly

Wanna be,

I use to be

afraid to show

the real me

around my family!

The true me was seen

Only by my friends

That I trusted to

Let them see the real

Me! But now I’m

Starting to see if you

Like somebody,

And you wanna be

Friends with them.

You have to take risks

In life. And open your heart

And care care people.

Otherwise you might

Just grow old and alone

By yourself for rest of your lives!

I wrote these words for people as a reminder that if

People don’t learn to take more chances in life your hearts Might break from loneliness, lack of love and longing to be loved!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this as a reminder for people not to afraid to poem their hearts and care about people and love people!

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straight to the point it is very good.