Conversation with God

Don't be mad at me, I did not take him,

God, who am I to be mad at then?

I love my children more than you will ever know.

I love him, too that's why it hurts so,

Lord why did you give him to me then take him back home?

I did not take him from you my child, I just welcomed him home.

He is surrounded by love and peace and he will never be alone,

Lord I understand that at least I try to, but it is hard to let go.

Lord just tuck him into bed, and take care of him until I can.

Lord just please help me try to understand.

My child, even though you don't understand my ways,

I am helping you through I am giving you my grace.

My child I have not forsaken you,

And I really do know what is best for both of you

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