Going away

Whisper in my ear "I love you",

It is ok that I am going away,

please don't look so sad and blue.

I am better off where I am going,

I am so happy, I am glowing.

I am ok with the fact my life is over and done,

I have lived my life, I have raised my hell,

I have had my fun.

I don't want you to cry,

Just walk away quickly and don't say goodbye.

Because goodbye is forever and we will meet agian.

So live your life to the fullest and take care my friend,

Try to live your life to make me proud,

promise that you will always play our music loud.

You will always be in my mind and in my heart,

Love like this cannot be torn apart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i miss you baby girl

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Dannie Lohrmeyer's picture

dude...this one is excellent, i had homies die in gunfights and thats similar to what i said to pac when he died...represent, #2