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I like everything. Even cleaning can be fun if you do it with a little kick. So what do I like to do best.....well let's see, I like to paint. I like to do wood burnings...if you don't know what that is ask. I like to make my own clothes. I like to cook. I like to blade. I like to skate....yes I know it isn't often that you find someone that doesn't hate one or the other. I like to write of course. I write poetry, plays, and short stories.....I tried a novel once but I didn't have the time. I collect swords and knives. I am in the gamma phi circus at ISU and I do rolling globes. I'm studying to be a chemist so I like that. I'm making a movie at present. I like to sculpt. I like to act. I like to fix things...especially my crappy car! I like to build things....Like my dad's garage....or the deck...or finish the basement....or sets for high school plays. Music is good I suppose....But I'm an eclectic music lover. I like classical, country, punk, rock, gothic, rap, know whatever. The sound is all good to me but I prefer a song with some good lyrics. That's about all I can think of right now but I'm sure there is more.

I feel that poetry is what we make of it. In this I mean to say that poetry has no definition, until it's poet gives it one. I once wrote a seven page paper to my teacher on how poetry can not be defined. Mainly because I hated him. He thought he was a genius. You know that kind. Anyway, he tried to define poetry it was a class on poetry and he gives us a definition. Then he tries to tell me that short and meaningless words that rhyme do not make a poem. I tried to tell him that just because the words were meaningless to him didn't mean that the words were meaningless to the poet, and that if the poet felt that those so called meaningless words were poetry, then they were. He of course was not seeing my side of it at all, so I wrote him an essay. This essay will be the first seven pages of my book if I ever get a book published. Did you know that if you look up poetry in the dictionary and then look up the words that define poetry that in just two steps you will come back to the word poetry. In essence this means that poetry is defined by itself. Love is the same way. Some things just can't be put into words and poetry is one of them. I assure you that there is plenty of evidence to support my claim that poetry can only be defined by it's poet. I even use sources....credible ones. Like the words of Edgar Allen Poe, Socrates, and other famous poets. Every poet has tried to define poetry at one point or another, and every definition differs. I'm done with my little speel. I just wanted to make the point that all poetry is good poetry, as long as the poet thinks that it is good. Have fun reading my stuff!!!

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Laciate Ogni Speranza Voi Ch'entrate.

Degustabus Non Disputantum Est.

I close my eyes in order to see.

If you don't understand my silence then how can you understand my words.

Leave the acting where it belongs, on stage!

I have a book full of quotes so if you would like some more let me know.


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