The Things We Couldn't Say

In the beginning

Craz-ed, here it goes again

The rocking of my mind

That crashes, blows, and throws me when

I nearly break this bind

I can feel it in the air

It's going to rip me apart

Tearing me slowly, without a care

Until all that's left is my heart

A searing pain, the anguished flesh

The twist; and now I know

That nothing's going to stop this mess

And I will have to go

Tormented first, and life-gulled last

That 'tis my untimely end

Memories surface from the past

As though, for comfort, lend

And then it goes, with effort, none

And leaves me to bleed dry

The sick, and twisted deed is done

And now, rolls back my eye

Silenced by the tainted flesh

The blackened heart of gore

And now, my eyes shall never shine

With the life they had before.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written during the teenage angst era, 2000.  13 years old.

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