I'll Be There

Who's your beacon when

Through dark waters you must tread,

And at times, who gives a damn

Whether or not you're dead?

Many more are more deserving than I,

But honestly dear, have you ever wondered why

People are charmed

And their accord instantly won,

Yet you often feel so empty

And know not to whom in times of trouble

You should run.

It's hard to trust in these doldrum days,

But in someone you must

And let them know your fears to allay.

I know I'm not here to show you the way;

There are others for this purpose

Whom you seek,

So please be careful, but don't be shy,

You are anything but weak.

Have discernment, but don't get lost

Asking why,

Save that for a different day.

And if I'm hard on you sometimes

Please just know that I care.

Lovers will come, and friends will move on,

But I promise you I'll always be there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To a friend who might have been a lover.  Those are the best kind.

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