Told You So


I knew this would happen

But you never listened

Look at yourself in the mirror

It will show you things much clearer


You told me everything would be alright

I had a hunch that you wouldn't be right

Looking at you now makes me down

Your voice gets so husky and loud


You told me I would be very wrong

Would never see you walking at dawn

You made promises and sworn

But they're like papers you tore


I hate to tell you here in the cold

But all I can say is I told you so

I believe you're old enough to know

What lies ahead of the path you go

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There is another side to you,
And you are the other side.

Always something you can't see,
But know it's there, when you see me.

Reflections of each other's faces,
Filling in our empty spaces.

Sun and stars we orbit 'round,
We only think we live on ground.

Underneath cascading skies,
One day we'll untie all these lies.

Until then let's waste some time,
Since there is space for us to rhyme.


© 2013

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But You Promised


I saw this one coming

Knew where it was going

Yet all I did was nothing

All laughs we had were fading


I had the chance to stop you

I prayed you'd discontinue

I thought you knew better

You changed like the weather


Saw all the colors flying

They were clear, dark, and burning

So hard but I ignored all of these

Whispered to myself , "But you promised"


The dark rain came suddenly

My worries  came true to me

You looked at me with same eyes

But what I felt was cold ice


Looking at you hurts me

'Cause I know you're falling

I believed in what you told me

Now myself sigh, "But you promised"

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I Want Love

I don't want this feeling,
this dragged down,
sad and lonely,
constantly frowning feeling.
I can't seem to smile,
can't seem to wrap my head around one small thought,
I just can't.
I try with words of encouragement,
yet those words seem so small to me,
as if they mean nothing to me.
But I know what it is,
or at least I think I know what it is.
I yearn for love,
therefor I yearn for companionship.
I want the feel
of the touch of someone's hand on mine.
I want to see a smile
and know that it was because you thought of me.
I want to know that before you sleep
I am the last thought on your mind,
and when you wake,
I am your first thought of the day.
I want you,
I want love,
and I want it from you.

I want YOU


If we were on another level we could be together, on another plane where no one can interfere.
We could disappear & you would be mine. I would make you mine if I could, but we only exist here.
It would be perfect woven patterns of beautiful dreams, something not so surreal.
I yearn to be with you and my heart is burning with desire, where are you?
I walk around like a lemming following anyone around that will lead me to you.
I dare not even turn the music on while I search, the sound is too painful.
When I look into your mesmerizing blue eyes it’s like being dropped into freezing water and all I see are the explosions of our undying love sparkling throughout.
Just the thought of seeing your face again gives me the strength of 1000 men, courage of a lion, riches that have no price tags.
It's unbelievable what I would do just to hold you again, to smell you, kiss you.
Being without you it's like being in a bad dream, I am so small and the world around me is immense.
It's like being under the water and looking out trapped inside.
It contradicts the freezing water and now I'm burning but the desire is gone because you stole it bitch.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not done

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I wanted to send you something because I thought you would like to know.
I think alot about you and I thought I'd say hello.
The truth is not a day goes by without you on my mind.
So many things I want to say; still the words are hard to find.
But I don't think I need big words to tell you how I feel.
Cause when I say "I MISS YOU" that's exactly how I feel.

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A New Favorite Memory


You don’t know
You just can’t understand
But every time I’m with you
Like footprints in the sand
A new memory created
And that one’s my new favorite
Like this first time we dated
Etched onto my heart

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This is what I want

I look around and all I see is happy couples that I envy
Wanting the smiles, the laughter wishing that's what we can be
But reality is a bitch and all we have is constant fighting
Going to bed not the way we intend is not the right thing
We don't want to end it because the feeling of it is amazing
Seeing each other with other people is just heart taking
You say its your fault and that I deserve better
You're a milestone in my life, I will not forget her
My choice is to stay together hoping we can be a phoenix
I want this movie to have a happy ending cause I've never seen it
Good in the beginning and now we're in a struggle
Hopefully this will end well, watch a movie then we'll cuddle
We may not be Hollywood actors, but the tears are real
The love ain't a prop, if you stay tuned it will be revealed
Our script isn't written in stone, so we still have a chance
Its up to us whether we want to nurture it like a plant.

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This I Ask

Make me a torch
Set me aflame
Like you did to those before me
A burning fire,
Bright and hot
That cannot be ignored
Use me as a light
To shine on the dark
Use me as salt
To attract those who are hungry
Make me a preserver
To uphold the human soul
Use me as Your mouth-piece
The still, small voice
That draws them to You
Those unforgettable words
That shakes the soul
Use me as Your hands
To heal the broken,
To comfort those who mourn
To give them beauty for their ashes
And joy instead of sorrow
To rebuild the ruin, the devastations,
And destructions of the past
Use me as Your feet
I’ll go where you send me
For “I am here; send me!”
Lord, use me as a servant
To teach through what I do
Not just from what I say
To “Harvest, for the time is ripe”
To serve others, and not myself
Father, show me to be Your son
Your blood washes over me
Show this to them
That they can see
That they can hear
That they can shout
What You have done for me
That they can know
That they can understand
That they can be loved too
And that is only from You

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